Access to Directory Listings for individuals is restricted. Only CXO Connect Members can see all contact information for individuals. Anonymous website browsers can see only names. If they sign up for a login account (but are not a member) then they get to see a little more detail (but no phone numbers or email addresses).

All other information (company listings, etc…) can be fully accessed by anyone visiting the website.

Additional precautions are taken with email addresses. Assuming the user is able to login as a member, then all Email addresses are &# encoded. CXO Connect does not use email list servers to send out messages. All messages are personally sent out by a Member. When a message is sent out to more than just a few people, BCC is used to protect the list.

For added protection or peace of mind, some members have created special email addresses just for CXO Connect Directory Listings. This allows them to control and monitor email originating from CXO Connect.