About CXO Connect

About CXO Connect

Our Mission

Our History

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Mission – CXO Connect

Our Mission – What We Want To Do

CXO Connect’s mission is to encourage and support the success of high-technology companies in Colorado. We accomplish this by helping our members to:

  • Build their personal network / professional contacts
  • Know about everyone and every high-technology business in the community
  • Access relevant, useful information for high-technology businesses
  • Share and exchange knowledge and experiences (library, online discussions, mentoring)
  • Increase awareness about high-technology companies in Colorado

Methods – CXO Connect

The Methods – How We Do It

Time is one of the most precious resources in the world of high-technology companies (especially for high-technology startups). With this in mind, most of the interaction between Board Members is via the Internet. To facilitate new connections between member, we periodically hold networking events like High Tech Thursdays and Tech Talk Presentations.

High Tech Thursdays – CXO Connect Social Events

  • Invitation Required (attendance limited to 100, a special effort will be made to invite investors and VC’s)
  • No Pitch Zone (asking for money is not allowed)
  • No Recruiting Zone (job seeking/hunting/recruiting is not allowed)
  • Drinks and food provided (thanks to event sponsors!)
  • Always Held Thursday Afternoons

Tech Talk Presentations

  • Restricted Attendance (Board Members get priority)
  • Usually Held Prior To High Tech Thursdays

Internet Interaction

  • Email / Newsletters
  • Online Directory
  • Information Library
  • Photo Albums

History – CXO Connect

History – Why Are We Doing This?

Colorado is a great place to live and work. There are many incredibly talented / successful individuals and high-technology businesses here in our community. Unfortunately, the perception outside our community is that not much is happening in Colorado. In short, Colorado gets no respect when it comes to high-technology companies (especially high-technology startups). We believe that there are two fundamental issues that need to be addressed:

  • Need To Increase Awareness (what’s really going on here?)
  • Need To Strengthen The Community (let’s get everyone together)

CXO Connect was started as a grass roots effort to address these issues. Our fundamental approach is to create a solid foundation that the high-technology community can build on. We don’t expect to be “the” answer to all of these issues. But we do want to make a difference (for the better).

Awareness – We are attempting to address this issue by compiling the most complete listing of high-technology businesses and individuals in Colorado. We are also building a list of venture capital firms, related partner companies, and entrepreneurial resources available to the high-technology community in Colorado.

Community – Once we raise awareness, we can then start to raise the level of community spirit. Our goal is for everyone in the high-technology community to know (hopefully firsthand) everyone else in the high-technology community.

CXO Connect was founded in 2002 (as the Technology Startup Board) and is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.